More Than Graphic Design

You need someone who can do it all – someone who can listen to your needs and work with you to design a website that not only looks good, but works great too.

My name is Phillip Scott Brown, and as a graphic artist, web designer, and web developer with more than 15 years experience in the business, I’ve helped design and implement everything from simple informational sites to complex and usable ecommerce solutions.

I’ve worked for newspapers, printing companies, internet service providers, and other web-focused businesses and my experience in these areas has given me the knowledge and tools that make me a versatile and marketable graphic designer for both print and web design. With a clean and simple style, I focus on content formatting and design to ensure that whatever product or service you’re marketing is the star – without distracting, overbearing design elements.

Phillip Scott

Phillip Scott Brown
Graphic Artist and Web Designer

Graphic Design

Scott has more than 18 years experience in print design creating logos, business cards, brochures, postcards, POS material, packaging, convention displays and environmental advertising.

Website Design

With over 12 years experience in design for websites, Scott has a broad understanding of usability and accessibility standards and practices. He’s lead the design of websites, banner advertising, email marketing, and application user interface.

Web Development

For the past 12 years Scott has focused and excelled at coding and development using many different website solutions such as Joomla!, WordPress, ZenCart, and more. Fluent in XHTML, CSS, Jquery, and Semantic Coding techniques that improve Search Engine Optimization.